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Burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows Case Studies: Chimney Repair in Stamford, CT

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 by Sydney Speaks


This chimney repair in Stamford, CT was much more than meets the eye. Mr. & Mrs. M bought their first home two years ago, thrilled about their new start. Unfortunately, they could not predict the headaches that would accompany the move. Approximately three years before they bought the house the chimney cap cracked. Rather than properly fixing the damage, the previous homeowner attempted to simply patch the roof and instead caused further damage. With time, the leak traveled from the top of the chimney, spreading rot throughout the top half of the structure. Eventually, the framing was so soft from rot that the flashing started to separate, and the siding began to move. When the second round of repair was done by another contractor, the copper flashing was restored beautifully. However, this made no real difference because the material was being attached to a soft, rotting wood. In retrospect, something more drastic should have been done to address the issue at this point. When Mr. & Mrs. M had their first inspection, there was some evidence of water damage in the master bedroom located on the same wall as the chimney. Here, it was clear that the previous owner had recently replaced floorboards and retouched paint where the ceiling met the wall. After moving in they noticed more paint abnormalities in the same location, raising further questions. Many years of band-aids led to sleepless nights, as the deferred maintenance ultimately created bigger problems. 


After a major rainstorm swept through CT it became obvious that water was leaking into the wall and ceiling, prompting Mr. & Mrs. M to call Burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows. When Woody arrived on scene he immediately knew that this was a major repair due to the volume of rot and water damage. Within two weeks our expert team arrived to start the job. Each day, they dug a little deeper into the chimney structure and each day more rot was uncovered. The entire chimney measures at 28 feet tall; when all was said and done our team exposed approximately 21 feet of concerning rot that had to be replaced to restore the chimney’s structural integrity. Throughout the project, there was an open line of communication to ensure that Mr. & Mrs. M were kept in the loop regarding progress and any additional work orders. As first-time homeowners they were inexperienced in the home improvement category; however, Mrs. M described Burr's findings as "justification for her worries". After so much time spent trying to pinpoint the issue, she was so relieved to finally receive thorough answers and appropriate solutions. 
Overall, the Burr team was shocked to find the amount of rot present in such a small surface area. Therefore, it is crucial to call a home improvement professional at the first sight of any problems. The key is calling the right professional. Burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows is a smart investment because we do it once and we do it right. Delivering Mr. & Mrs. M their newfound peace of mind was just as rewarding for us as it was for them; Burr’s customers come first!

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