The HardieZone System: 8 Million Homes and Counting

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 by Sydney Speaks

James Hardie: 8 Million Homes and Counting - Image 1

There is no question that James Hardie fiber cement is the superior siding choice, and it seems like homeowners are finally catching on. As of August 2018, James Hardie has been installed on over 8 MILLION homes throughout the country…and this number keeps climbing. This surpasses any other brand of siding, but that is no shock! So many homeowners choose to invest in Hardie for the durability, diverse design, and long-lasting performance. Sean Gadd, Hardie’s Chief Marketing Officer, states that soon enough we will see Hardie siding on nearly 10 MILLION homes!

 Any homeowner can receive the benefits of this product because Hardie boards are engineered for your specific climate, based on the “HardieZone System”. This system was constructed to cater different climates, based on your location within the U.S. Each zone has specific performance attributes relative to eight individual climatic variables. The entire system is comprised of ten zones that are then divided into two product lines– HZ5 and HZ10. The HZ5 product lines was engineered for zones 1-5, while the HZ10 line caters to zones 6-10.

 The HZ5 line is used in climates with freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and extreme temperature variation. The surface of the board is engineered for high performance with moisture resistance and superior paint adhesion. The addition of a drip edge provides enhanced water management to stop any potential weeks. This is the product line installed for Connecticut homeowners.

The HZ10 line is installed for the highest durability. These zones experience extreme high winds and humid heat. Engineered for that exact climate, Hardie boards resist cracking, splitting, rotting, and swelling giving homeowners and unprecedented peace of mind.

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