Exterior Lighting: What to Consider

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 by Sydney Speaks

Exterior Lighting: What to Consider - Image 1


Outdoor lighting is a personal preference. The best starting point is to determine your goals. 

1. Why are you installing outdoor lighting?

  • Are you motivated by functionality or upgrading your aesthetic?

2. How much lighting is required?

  • Are you trying to light your entire property or just a portion?

3. What mood do you want the lighting to create?

4. What landscape features do you want to highlight?

5. Is lighting for security a high priority?

6. Is power available where you need it? Is an electrician necessary?

There are 3 levels of lights:

  • Low ambiance/accent – this is level one, mainly for aesthetic purposes.
  • Functional lights/sconces – level two supports outdoor functionality. Turn your backyard into the want-to-be spot on hot summer nights.
  • Flood light security for cleanup/sports – level three is the perfect choice for a homeowner worried about safety and security.

Where would you place yourself on this scale?

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