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Roof & Window Trim Replacement in Stamford, CT

Roof & Window Trim Replacement in Stamford, CT
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When Burr arrived at this Stamford home there were three layers of 3-tab shingles already installed on top of one another. The roof was showing obvious signs of disrepair, with excessive cracking and curling in many areas, particularly in the front valleys. The rear chimney was damaged due to the lack of proper flashing. The previous owners had attempted to address the chimney problem with tar patching, but the damage spread and a whole new chimney was required. The window trim throughout the house was rotting due to improper installation, allowing water to travel behind the siding and into the walls. This created a potentially dangerous situation as hidden mold and/or mildew could have formed. The experts at Burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows suggested an immediate roof replacement and new trim/flashings for all the windows. We ultimately installed Seal King XT25 shingles in Grey Frost and reworked all window casements. Now this house is both safe and beautiful!

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