Entry doors can make quite a first impression among visitors and passersby, so it’s only natural to be particular with the style and design of your very own front door. In terms of material, wood and fiberglass are often the most commonly used. But other door materials like metal have also gained the approval of some homeowners and building professionals. 

In this post, door and roof replacement expert Burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows lists a few of the most popular entry door styles for residential homes. 


These are classic-style doors typically made from wood, fiberglass or metal. They are designed with 2 to 12 raised panels, and they may also feature glass inserts with scrollwork or colored panes.


Modern-style front doors are usually designed with straight, sleek lines. And depending on your taste or if you have vinyl siding, you can have them made with blocked or square raised panels or panes of translucent or frosted glass. Modern-style doors are basically minimalistic, so this kind of door style might please you if you prefer clean lines.


Typically made from wood, rustic-style doors are common in cabins and homes with wood, stone, or brick exteriors. They can be designed with an arch or in a traditional rectangular form. Rustic doors are also made with a certain thickness, so bulky and oversized hardware are typically used for them.


Craftsman style doors are typically made from wood or fiberglass. They are designed with straight lines and a Shaker-inspired look, and they may also feature one window at the top with a stained glass or black- or wood-outlined panes as well as two or three rectangular-shaped raised panels at the bottom.

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