Window installation is a very technical process regardless of what type of window is being installed.

Because of this, there’s a chance that mistakes were made when your windows were being put in. 

These mistakes can have a negative effect on your window’s performance. Read on as our team of experts on replacement windows gives you a rundown on the biggest “red flags” of poor window installation. 

Gaps Along Seams

A properly installed window should have an airtight seal when it is fully closed. Installation mistakes can cause misalignments that create gaps along the frame or around the sash. These gaps are often visible during daytime, with small pinpricks of light showing along the window’s seams.

Water Leaks

If there are gaps, then there’s a good chance that leaks can show up when it starts raining. Window and gutter installation experts say that properly installed windows should also be waterproof. The moisture can also accumulate near the corners or manifest as streaks on the wall directly below the window.

Loss of Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed a spike in your home’s monthly energy consumption? It could also be a sign that your windows were installed the wrong way. Drafts bring in unconditioned air from the outside, increasing the load on your home’s HVAC. The longer you hold off on fixing the issue, the more cash you end up spending on excess electricity bills.

Friction/Difficulty In Operation

A poorly installed sash will make unnecessary contact with the frame at multiple points. This creates unnecessary friction that makes it difficult to open or close the window. This type of problem normally happens to windows with old hinges but window and roof maintenance experts say that newer windows should never have this unless they were installed incorrectly.

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