Now that it’s getting colder, you should ensure that your windows are in good working order. 

The last thing you want is for them to become frozen shut, especially in cold weather. When this occurs, your windows may get damaged and possibly pose a safety threat. In this post, Burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows shares expert tips to prevent your windows from freezing this winter. 

Keep Your Windows From Freezing

Minimize Condensation

Maintain stable temperatures and interior humidity levels. Daily activities like dishwashing, showering and cooking food can cause moisture to build up on the surface of your window glass and frames. Run your exhaust fans anytime you use the kitchen or bathroom to reduce moisture levels.

Apply New Weatherstripping 

To ensure a proper seal around the windows, inspect your windows for worn-out weatherstripping and caulk. This helps to decrease leaks, which would otherwise allow drafts to enter your home, reducing your comfort and potentially causing some sections of your windows to freeze. You can replace old rubber weatherstripping on your own. However, if it is constructed of metal, you will need the help of a window and roof maintenance contractor to replace it.

Install an Insulation Film

Consider placing a plastic shrink film on the inside of your windows to help reduce condensation. Window insulation kits are available at hardware stores and internet markets and are often packaged with double-sided tape. Heat the film with a hairdryer until it shrinks to suit the entire window. Select this option only if you intend to leave it on your windows all winter.

Put Up Curtains or Drapes

Window coverings, such as layered curtains, can help improve window insulation and prevent your windows from becoming frozen shut in the winter. However, they can be opened slightly during the day if you want more lighting.

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