Not only do your gutters need to look right, enhancing your home and complimenting your style, but they must work right for water to stay away from your house, inside and out.

Gutters fail for several key reasons. More than simply getting “old”, gutters fail because the hangers and the fascia boards to which they are attached wear out due to poor design. That old spike and ferrule hanging system placed every 10 feet or so isn’t capable of handling the weight of ice and snow and the expansion and contraction of the gutter metal.

Gutter problems, including leaders that aren’t properly attached, take a while to cause any serious problems. These issues may first present themselves as dripping in the wrong places or overflowing during heavy rain. 

You might notice a separation between the gutter and the fascia board and may see vegetation sprouting up from the inside (yikes). There could be creaking or scraping sounds when a brisk wind blows loose leaders against your house or foliage.

Inevitably, gutter problems of all types result in water accumulating where it shouldn’t, like on porch steps and walkways, or even inside your home, usually at the lowest level. 

Once that runoff water freezes it poses a serious safety hazard that should be reason enough to fix the issue. But when your house is invaded by water, maybe in areas of your basement that you rarely visit, that is when the real trouble starts.

Unhealthy mold and mildew can grow when your gutters and leaders can’t move water away from your foundation. Any items you have in the area of infiltration can be damaged or lost. 

Avoid these issues by calling Burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows for a gutter replacement or cleaning estimate today! We have our own gutter trailer to make your brand-new seamless gutters at your home, ensuring that they fit and look perfect! 

Our gutters are made with .032 aluminum which is thicker than the standard .027, meaning they can withstand more. Pick up the phone today and call (203) 660-2009!