As a design and construction professional, Burr understands the value of using building wraps to improve energy efficiency while preventing water and mold damage. We also know that with many barrier products on the market, the expected advantages often look better on paper than they turn out to be in real life.

That is because the traditional technology for wrapping homes has a few holes in it... thousands of them. The problem with traditional wraps is that mechanical attachment techniques and their penetrations create multiple opportunities for air and water to pass behind the membrane. 

Also, critical taping and sealing details are often lacking in the field which allows for air leakage that results in dramatically reduced thermal performance, as well as moisture and mold problems. 

But now, thanks to the building envelope professionals at Henry Company there is a better way to completely seal buildings while maintaining excellent thermal control and breathability, without the need for mechanical fastening.

Blueskin VP is a patented, fully adhered, peel-and-stick exterior envelope barrier for residential and commercial buildings that is superior to all mechanically attached technologies when it comes to preventing air and water intrusion. 

Blueskin simultaneously allows interior vapor to escape due to Blueskin’s watertight laps, requiring no staples or nails. This product dramatically reduced penetrations and leaks resulting in a level of cost-effective energy efficiency, structural durability, and peace of mind that is simply unattainable using traditional wraps or integrated boards. 

In fact, Blueskin VP is superior to traditional house wraps and felts in third-party blower door tests; this translates to better energy savings and a faster return on investment. 

Thanks to Blueskin’s patented adhesive technology that seals around fasteners, air, and water are prevented from migrating behind the barrier, even where there are penetrations, resulting in reduced structural damage in the long term. Blueskin VP is easily applied to walls, transitions, and around openings, using simple hand tools. 

This creates a clean, continuous plane that looks professional, all of which makes Blueskin VP the ideal, most cost-effective choice for meeting high-performance green construction standards, reducing energy consumption, preventing water penetration, and dramatically improving the lifetime comfort and safety of your home. 

If you are looking to reside in your home, burr Roofing, Siding, & Windows believes Blueskin VP100 is the best choice. 

This product has been known to decrease heating and cooling bills by an average of $372 annually; what could be better than more money in your pocket? Call Burr today for more information on The Henry Company and this amazing product – you can’t go wrong!